Coping in Copenhagen: The Art Scene

Art is a hugely influential part of my life, and one of my primary interests outside of my academic and professional pursuits. I carry a sketchbook with me nearly everywhere I go, always have charcoal pencils and ink pens in my bag, and am always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. I rarely… Continue reading Coping in Copenhagen: The Art Scene

Core Course Week: Hamburg

Apologies for the slightly delayed post, I had a very busy (and very very fun) week! This past week at DIS was Core Course Week, a time early on in our academic semester where our Core Courses travel together to apply the theories we learn in the classroom to the world around us. DIS does… Continue reading Core Course Week: Hamburg

A Deep Dive into Danish Language and Culture

Hej! Jeg hedder Meghan. Hvad med dig? After talking to some of your new friends in your classes at DIS, one of the first things you'll realize is that each student's home university and program has different requirements. Some need to only take 12 units while others 15, and some schools dictate what types of… Continue reading A Deep Dive into Danish Language and Culture